What is approx. percentage of your total

record collection do you actually listen to? I am particularly interested in those with collections numbering in the thousands.
About 3500. About 75 take me to a particular place in the past with fond memories and are in the rotation. I try to listen to the rest as the mood strikes me. Sometimes I'll take requests from my wife or 88 year-old mom. I buy new music such as Grace Potter too.
I have about 600 records and guess I listen to about 60% regularly. I also have about 1000 CD's - the % of those in regular play is a little less.
About 6000 albums about 100 or so in heavy rotation, about 3000 CD's about 100 or so in play here too.

This rings true to almost any of my clients too - however have one couple husband and wife mid 60s that have about 5000 albums or so 99% opera, and listens to them in order, they are sorted out by label, 2 to 3 albums every night.

Their system is very similar to mine.

As always, Good listening

I buy about 5-10 new records a month, some reissues, some remastered, mostly from Classic.
I also buy about 10 used records a month. My record collection is probably around 8000 or so. I try to pull 2 a week from my older existing pile. I pull them out, clean them and put them in the clean pile.
I have about 2,000 cleaned and ready to play and maybe a few hundred to clean. Any collection mostly sits on a shelf. Even if I haven't played a particular one in years, it's nice to know there's a nice copy ready when I want it. I also have a hard time not buying different pressings of the same title if it's one I like. A backup pressing or two of favorites is also nice. More and more I'm trying to thin the collection out to no more than two or three good pressings of any given title and most titles only one.