What is better, analog or digital?

I'm listening to the Best of Marley on the album, and I have to say it sounds better then digital.   More definition and more realism.  Of Course this is MHO  Using a Rega Planer 1 w a cheaper Project phono amp.  

 Let the debate begin, and what should i change out first for better sound
Get it all right, and Analog is the best. Get it wrong, not so much. There is a lot to think about when assembling a good sounding analog rig. Cartridge load/capacitance, azimuth, VTA, SRA, VTF, Alignment....also resonance. Proper isolation of the turntable, the use of proper low capacitance interconnects, the cleanliness of your lp's....proper SUT if using a MC cartridge, the quality of your phono Preamplifier, etc etc etc....whereas with digital, there is far far less to worry about. I'll put up with all the hassle with analog to arrive at a better place ultimately. 
What is the make and model of your cartridge?

Shape of stylus, condition of the record, mastering situation, quality of raw vinyl, and how many presses from each child. How clean is the record?OTOH, I just caught a couple hours of some great Bob James on Deezer in high quality without moving from my chair. It’s all good; enjoy the music. 

The quality of the topics at the top of this forum is very low or very old hat right now. C’est la vie.