What is better than Bose but costs less?


I was told that Bose isn't the best, and that there are better products out there which cost less, could you tell me some of these?

I am quite confused and frustrated, as I can't find anything, i've been doing research and haven't found anything so far, except for little hints that Klipsch and Tivoli are good.

In terms of loudspeakers, and computer speakers.

But more specifically, how would Klipsch and Tivoli systems compare to Bose systems?

Please give me the most detailed answer that you can.

Thank you.
I agree with AVguygeorge. Being a novice 10 years ago I was coaxed by one of my mate in buying the Bose Acoustimass AM-10 brand new. Sold it off 3 years later at 80% off the price I've paid for them. I wouldn't touch them unless if you're only on movies. Even that you can do much better with less money.
Bose is a marketing company. Through advertising they convince the inexperienced that theirs is the only quality product out there. Don't believe it. Read this forum, get some listening experience via local audio dealers or hifi clubs (if there's one in your area), and you'll have no trouble finding better sounding products both new and used.
Making an assumption based off your post, are you really looking for the simplicity of a HTIB (home theater in a box)?

If so there are many options that beat the Bose at their respective price points, here are 2 easy picks.
Onkyo HT-S907
Denon S-301

If you are looking for computer speakers the Bose Companion 5 are very nice, I use them myself. No need for a sound card. Just plug them in to a USB port and for a no nonsense experience with a 3 piece setup they are very nice.

If you are looking for speakers for a home theater and have other components then matching speakers to components make a difference. So more info is needed, but there are many options better then Bose.

It is all a matter of how important sound is to you.

Your here, so that is a good sign. If you are near a large town, you owe it to yourself to find a mid-fi store and audition several options. Many of the high-end stores will scare a new audiophile to death with some of the prices. (build yourself up to that) But it is a shame how many people think Best Buy and Circuit City are the end all of A/V gear. Just take one step up and for just a bit more money you can often get far better equipment.

If all that seems like to much effort, then just google for "best speakers" for your application and good luck....