"What Is Classic Rock?"

I just watched this on AXS TV. It is a good documentary on the Classic Rock music, where it

has been and where it may be going

What is classic rock



Agreed. I disagreed with some things they put forth but overall a good presentation and enjoyable

Completely subjective, just as it’s always been. In general, give me someone’s high school graduation year and I can easily tell you what their definition of "classic rock" is.

For this listener, the term “Classic Rock” equates to the <200-ish titles in rotation on Clear Channel “Classic Rock” radio stations.

Did anyone else see this show other than @russ69 ? That's what the thread was about.


Completely subjective, just as it’s always been

Well, of course it is/was subjective. Most everything about music IS subjective.So i expected the show to be subjective as is your assertion. Everything in this thread is subjective except that the show DID come on AXS TV and I watched it. I figured that if I liked it mostly, others might also like it. that too is subjective. But so are 90% of the books.  news and conversations in general.

My take is that classic rock is from the early -mid 60's til the early 90's. The hair bands (subjective) were also classic rock. It was their persona that was somewhat different but their music was mostly the same

There is nothing subjective about Bach , Mozart ,Schubert, Beethoven ,Haydn and hundreds of other.