What is consensus on Pioneer Elite sound quality?

I have an older, about 6 years old, Pioneer Elite a/v receiver. I do not have a HT hookup anymore. I have an elite 45a cd/dvd/sacd/dvd-a player I use as the transport (99% redbook cds). Also Polk rti28 bookshelfs with Polk sub. I'm pleased with the performance for 2.1 channel audio. I'm tempted, however, to start checking out some of the integrateds from Jolida, NAD, etc. Opinions on Elites amp section?
I also had a PE AVR powering a two-channel mostly music system. Altho rated at 5 x 100w, it had trouble powering my efficient (90db) Naim Arriva floorstanders. I replaced it with a 70w/ch HK integrated, which did a much better job--more oomph, especially at the low end. For what it's worth, my usual retail dealer, who carries PE as well as Yamaha and Arcam, always touts Yamaha, which he thinks has more juice and presents more naturally.
I also currently own a PE DV-47a, which I like a lot, and I've found it sounds significantly better and more detailed when I use its analogue, rather than its digital outs.
In general, you're probvably better served by following the conventional wisdom and using an integrated for music--less circuitry and electronic junk to sap power and muck up the signal path.
I like the Pioneer Elite sound quality. It does have that Pioneer sound signature which I enjoy. Sound quality comparisons between similar priced a/v receivers is a subjective excercise where in the end you should get whatever personally rocks you boat.
I like a neutral to warm sound. To me the Pioneer is quite neutral. I've heard Yamahas are a tad brighter than neutral while Rotel, marantz are a tad warmer. I'm wondering where NAD's integrateds fall.
I have the Pioneer Elite A-35R stereo integrated amp I use for movies, TV and background music. It is a really nice 2 channel MOSFET amp with a msrp of $200 (recently discontinued but still available) It has 45wpc/8ohms and 65wpc/4ohms.

I've not compared it to PE's HT receivers so I can't comment on that., but I would like to know. I love its gloss black look and sound quality enough that I'm contemplating a full Elite HT system.

I'm driving 88db JBL speakers in a large 16x22 room that opens into a 10x12 kitchen. It will play moderately loud. In a normal room or w/ more efficient speakers it will play very loud.

The sound is warm and smooth with nice detail. The dynamics are layed back and not in your face. The bass is articulate but not boomy. Dialogue is clear and understandable. Cymbals have a nice musical shimmer without harshness. My main music system a tube based system and this has a warm smooth sound I like. Though it is not as airy, clear or dynamic as the Cary tube amp it has the right tyoe of sound for me. Interconnects and speaker cable does make a difference.
Cary is another amp I am considering. Since I have a sub in my w 2 channel system, I'm considering using the Elite as a pre, and use the sub-out, and patch in an outboard tube amp thru front pre-outs