What is equal to the Rega Apollo for less money?

I am replacing a 20 year old CD player. I have read the major reviews of the Rega Apollo CD player, and several positive reviews from fellow members. I would like to have input as to what current CD player may be equal or almost equal to the sound and performance of the Rega for less money. I like the appearance of the Rega, but not some of its features, but I could live with them. Unfortunately Rega's recent price increase has made it less affordable for me (Though, there have been several good offerings on this website.) I currently have a Creek 5350SE Classic integrated amp; a pair of Silverline Prelude II speakers and Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker wire. My current CD player is the Sonographe SD-1 and the interconnect cable is the Audio Magic Spellcaster II. All are plugged into an Audio Prism Power Wedge 116 power line conditioner. I do not have a Rega dealer that is close enough for me to audition the player.... Thank you, Jim
Nothing IMO is equal to the Apollo at or below that price point. However, any of the Cambridge Audio Azur players are very good and still have that "British" character. I have the 540 in a second system and love it. Even better, they're very, very good values on the used market and are built exceptionally well.

The Rotel RCD-1072 is half the Apollo's price but, until the Apollo came out, it was THE player to beat. Again, just my opinion. It's still a great unit.

You can get into a used Rega Planet for around $350 these days and a used Planet 2000 for around $500. Both are still quite competitive. Just a thought.
Agree that nothing is equal to the Rega Apollo for less money, that's why I bought it. In fact, I would say there is nothing equal to it for about 5 times the money, except the Saturn.
I would agree with Ekobesky about Cambridge players being a good value. However, my experiences with three different Cambridge players belies the assertion they are well built. All three of mine were trouble prone and developed problems that required their replacement within two to three years of purchase.