What is Imaging?

Sorry for the basic question but I'm curious if we all mean the same thing.
I know that some people disparage the value of imaging because you don't get imaging and sound staging effects at a live concert. But if the recording engineer deliberately manipulated or recorded or mixed the music so to create a sense of location of instruments/voices and an expansive soundstage, then I want my rig to reproduce that. Its' one of the great pleasures of good home audio in my book.
I'm siting here listening to Copelands Symphony Number 3 on my Magnepans. This is imaging.
Left speaker emits sound. Right speaker emits sound.
If/when you can place them to work together in the proper positions, the individual sounds emitted by the individual boxes will seem to disappear and "image" into a 3-D sound stage.

That is imaging.

Like the focus ring on a lens. Twist it around until you see a clear image.
Nice said, but the most people have a 2-dimensional sound. And they also have an image!!