What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?

Once in awhile, I hear the term 'this amp is more musical' for some amps. To describe sound, I know there is 'imaging' and 'sound stage'. What exactly is meant by 'more musical' when used to describe amp?


That’s it and I think that’s useless to follow you in the overall subject.


Thank’s again, was interesting and remember that each human being is UNIQUE and what you like/taste could not like me or any other gentleman. Your unique road is your road as I have my unique path too as any one else.


" Live music does not sound like a recording .."


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Where posted I that kind of statement in this dialogue with mahgs?


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Live music cannot be equivalent to a recorded music piece... Because the recorded  playback system translate the recording trade-off process taken by  the sound engineer location of mics and types into the acoustic content and control of the listener room ...

The best possible road here will be to use , apart from a very well engineered system for timbre reproduction , a DSP as the BACCH filters to recreate all the spatial dimensions of sound qualities information which are lost with crosstalk destructive effect on the ears/ brain ...

@rauliruegas You left out part of my comment, which invalidates your complaint. The full text was

Live music does not sound like a recording unless its made in the same venue.

emphasis added.

@mahgister : "

i dont mention live music because at my age i had been at some live events multiple times ...

And the sound of a real piano is familiar to me for my children memory because we had one ... I used piano timbre and dynamic as a meter for tuning my room.."


Your answer to my question means to me that " that’s it " that I posted and that I was looking for because almost never you speak/post about live MUSIC that’s my reference on tests/comparisons and obviously is the most critical an important part of my taste.


In the other way I don’t like to talk with stupid people but with gentlemans as you.