What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?

I have been using Caig Industries DeOxit contact cleaners for many years now.  I am tremendously happy with the results after reapplying every 6 months or so.  I am shocked at how much better my audio equipment sounds.  The equipment really comes alive and becomes very exciting to listen to.  

Several days ago, though I stumbled across a discussion in this forum about a  contact cleaner than never needs to be reapplied and is evidently just short of miraculous, Total Contact - Perfect Path, in how it improves the sound.  I went to purchase some and was very dismayed to learn it is no longer sold.  Then I read about another one, Walker Audio Extreme SST that sounded good, but it is no longer being sold either.

Is there a general group consensus on the best contact cleaner available at this time?   Preferably one that only needs applied once.  :). Thanks.  Chris


I have tried many cleaner/enhancers over the DECADES. Everyone I tried eventually oxidized (much like CD treatments). By far the very best which I do not expect to oxidize is a combination of precleaning with 99% isopropol immediately followed by Mad Scientist Graphene Contact Enhancer

tvad et al

I did purchase some Stabilant 22 it kit form, and understand that it should be cut with isopropyl alcohol at 3 to 1? I have yet mix it, and thus have not installed it. Any recommendations on proper coating with the Stabilant?