What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?

I have been using Caig Industries DeOxit contact cleaners for many years now.  I am tremendously happy with the results after reapplying every 6 months or so.  I am shocked at how much better my audio equipment sounds.  The equipment really comes alive and becomes very exciting to listen to.  

Several days ago, though I stumbled across a discussion in this forum about a  contact cleaner than never needs to be reapplied and is evidently just short of miraculous, Total Contact - Perfect Path, in how it improves the sound.  I went to purchase some and was very dismayed to learn it is no longer sold.  Then I read about another one, Walker Audio Extreme SST that sounded good, but it is no longer being sold either.

Is there a general group consensus on the best contact cleaner available at this time?   Preferably one that only needs applied once.  :). Thanks.  Chris


tvad et al

I did purchase some Stabilant 22 it kit form, and understand that it should be cut with isopropyl alcohol at 3 to 1? I have yet mix it, and thus have not installed it. Any recommendations on proper coating with the Stabilant?

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This is a very interesting topic for me. Until I read this I totally forgot about cleaning my contacts for a few years now. I found what I was using and it was Kontak. I still have a half bottle left. I will do all my connections today. I was surprised to hear that this is not sold in the USA anymore. I also googled Total Contact Perfect Path. The owner of it died and so did his product. It was originally listed for $299 which is very expensive when it was available. I also saw it listed on AG that was sold a few years ago for $1200. lol. Even for $300 it is a ridiculous price to me. Kontak is selling but not in the USA for $28. And they will ship to USA. Don’t know how much shipping is but shouldn’t be much. As far as Deoxit there are so many to choose from. Which Deoxit does everyone use ?