What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?

I have been using Caig Industries DeOxit contact cleaners for many years now.  I am tremendously happy with the results after reapplying every 6 months or so.  I am shocked at how much better my audio equipment sounds.  The equipment really comes alive and becomes very exciting to listen to.  

Several days ago, though I stumbled across a discussion in this forum about a  contact cleaner than never needs to be reapplied and is evidently just short of miraculous, Total Contact - Perfect Path, in how it improves the sound.  I went to purchase some and was very dismayed to learn it is no longer sold.  Then I read about another one, Walker Audio Extreme SST that sounded good, but it is no longer being sold either.

Is there a general group consensus on the best contact cleaner available at this time?   Preferably one that only needs applied once.  :). Thanks.  Chris


Given the amount of contacts & connections I'm getting to dote over, think I'll opt for alcohol and a flock of DetoxITs'...

Used Cramolin when it first appeared....long ago, and far away....and the things were a bit less in numbers...

Way overdue... 

…..I am not asleep GTO I am very much awake . Thank you and who cares you ask I do and that’s all the matters …..


No we have not.  We have read many comments from those who've used it and other enhancers and have been more impressed with both Total Contact and especially the Q45T. I have about 245 individual contacts to treat if you count each pin on a tube of which I have 9 tubes in my system.  My friends and I are pretty heavy into trying out many different tweaks, many of which have raise the SQ of our systems considerably.  If one of us tries something that really works great, we share it with the other two and it usually is a group home run.  The Q45T is just one of them.  If you are gonna go to all the trouble of treating all of your contacts, you'd really like to have as much prior info on the different choices as in my case, it's about a 3-4 hour job to do mine.  Not something you want to have to do over and over.  I'd pretty much guarantee that you'd love the results and even more as the weeks go by and it causes jumps in performance while you just sit there and enjoy the music.  

Good luck