What is "rich mans" DL-103?

Hi there

I have lived with several top cartiridges like Transfiguration Esprit, Transfiguration Temper and DRT XV-1s. Some time ago I decided to give the XV-1s a rest and mounted a DL-103 (nuded on a Cartridgeman Isolator). Although the XV-1s is a beautiful performer, I have fallen for the DL's body, energy and musical impact. Of course I miss the delicacy of the top cartridges, so I wonder, is there a rich mans DL-103 that has the quality of the 103 and add some detail, top end and finesse.
My guess is Kondo IO but that is just a guess.


I have a Denon DL-103R and also added an aftermarket aluminium body to it recently to see if i can take it further but i now prefer the Audio Techinca AT-33PTG over both in my system.I concur with Palasr too and think it's great value direct from Japan.

But i'm waiting for a Thomas Schick arm for the Denon 103R and may be that will swing things around a bit later.
Is the Audio Technica AT-33PTG low compliance like the 103R and thereby requiring a heavier mass tonearm?

If not it might be hard to do an apples and apples comparison between the two using the same table/tonearm.

If teh AT is higher compliance, tehn it might work better inherently in a lower mass tonearm, right?

I just want to point out that the tonearm used is a factor in how a particular cart sounds. They need to be matched properly to do valid comparisons of cartridges alone.
To answer the original post, the Magic Diamond appears to be a close relative of the 103.
I've heard a 103 based cartridge which is 5k retail. Some say, the sound of it is great.