What is "rich mans" DL-103?

Hi there

I have lived with several top cartiridges like Transfiguration Esprit, Transfiguration Temper and DRT XV-1s. Some time ago I decided to give the XV-1s a rest and mounted a DL-103 (nuded on a Cartridgeman Isolator). Although the XV-1s is a beautiful performer, I have fallen for the DL's body, energy and musical impact. Of course I miss the delicacy of the top cartridges, so I wonder, is there a rich mans DL-103 that has the quality of the 103 and add some detail, top end and finesse.
My guess is Kondo IO but that is just a guess.


Theo, if you get a SPU, please come back to this thread or start a new thread and tell us your experiences. I have been thinking of a SPU but have only heard it in a very high end system (all Shindo - Garrard, Latour, Giscours, Cortese). Thanks, Paul

SPU comes integrated in a "G" or "A" style headshell so it don't fit the Graham. One could use the SPU N which will fit, but it has very low compliance and should have a heavier tonearm.

Plinko: When I try the SPU, I will come back to this thread.


the Magic Diamond is a high ticket cart, evidently based on the 103, that has been Lloyd Walker's reference for a number of years.

reality is, in fact, infinitely "delicate", although not exclusively so. Yes? Perhaps a better word might be "subtle".