What is the #1 equipment want currently on your HiFi horizon???

Okay I will start. 

1. Reclocker for my DAC. 
My one want would be to hear an altec lansing a1x play my favorite recordings in a location that is good for sound using those speakers.

I too am waiting for GR Research to rebuild the XOs for my Tannoys.
Once I have those done and the new clock upgrade for my DAC
I am sure I will have achieved bliss!!
Passive volume control. 
Maybe getting rid of the preamp will help.  Maybe not.
Best system ever heard.
Maybe a Jung super-regulator. .
Tough call.
I did it…sold the Node2i and went with a Aurender N100SC. Can’t wait to get everything up and running! 
Don’t know what it is yet.

The families increased day to day use of digital has me in a conundrum of deciding a more universal access device over our current Squeezebox Touch.