What is the best 2 channel listening chair?

I've been using a Ames lounge chair for years, it looks and feels good ...but it's a little low...l was ready for an upgrade. I was reading you should avoid chairs that are higher that the shoulder, but l will choose comfort first,nothing too bulky,no theater seats.I recently purchased a Human touch pc610 (optioned out).So far its been fantastic.Any input or ideas on this subject would be appreciated. 





I have an Ames Chair!

Feels better than my expensive gear being fed by horrible internet radio!

Love the Chair!

I watched a video from a USA manufacturer who was installing a set of his new speakers in a clients home and I was impressed by the two plastic  laundry baskets used to support acoustical treatment next to each speaker! Well the color white did match!

Lets all go to zip cord for speaker wire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a Hobby!

I probably shouldn't post this but l have a expensive pair of Ugg swede sheepskin slip on shoes that are only to be worn in my listening room....when l walk in there and put my feet up...l like to see the mcintosh meters between my uggs....l think the wife's about ready to kill me..lol