What is the best 2 channel listening chair?

I've been using a Ames lounge chair for years, it looks and feels good ...but it's a little low...l was ready for an upgrade. I was reading you should avoid chairs that are higher that the shoulder, but l will choose comfort first,nothing too bulky,no theater seats.I recently purchased a Human touch pc610 (optioned out).So far its been fantastic.Any input or ideas on this subject would be appreciated. 





Whats all this favoritism towards chairs?  How 'bout a sofa, a couch, a loveseat, a daybed, a chaise all viable alternatives to the chair!  why is the chair favored so much?  - F*ck the chair!  PS- this is sarcasm for people who have lost their sense of humor.  

I have owned the same Ikea Poang chair for 7 yeas now. Not sure about the junk implication but it has weight limits.

To each their own,  at least they are not counterfeit mid century Herman Miller. 

Most Ekornes Stressless recliners are sold with leather upholstery. However, the difference between leather and fabric upholstery is profound. I tried out  a leather Stressless for a while and it radically altered the sound. When I finally located a fabric covered Stressless recliner, the sound was not affected in any significant way, even with a high back behind the head. 

@polkalover  - :-)


There is some truth though. I have at triple recliner (modular). I like to share my music, but I also like to have the best seat in the house at times (and we use the room for movies too).

Leather every where else in the house, not in the audio room.

@nonoise ,

There must be 100 different Adirondack chairs on the market. I am sure I tried about 20 of them. Some of them are outright uncomfortable to sit on. With the right one, it is amazing how comfortable a chair with no padding can be. The key is distributing your weight over a larger area and avoiding any pressure points.

Maybe that wooden chair is not so bad?