What is the best 2 channel listening chair?

I've been using a Ames lounge chair for years, it looks and feels good ...but it's a little low...l was ready for an upgrade. I was reading you should avoid chairs that are higher that the shoulder, but l will choose comfort first,nothing too bulky,no theater seats.I recently purchased a Human touch pc610 (optioned out).So far its been fantastic.Any input or ideas on this subject would be appreciated. 





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Understood. Kind of like cupping your ears which exaggerates the sound. But the ones I've been looking at aren't rounded as much as that comfy, well broken in chair that mrod45 posted, but wider at the top and not as enveloping.  

So many choices.

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Dear @desktopguy my comments re. V1 Leap - having owned them as well - is due to my experience only. I had several of the V1 and a) they are very bulky and heavy, b) the v2 not only lightened the chair, but it enhanced some of the ergonomic comfort, they are cooler (more breathable) than the very thick seat and back of the V1, "in my opinion". I can sit comfortably in the V2 for hours (too long, in fact!) unlike most chairs. You are 100% correct, the standard model does not include a headrest but one is available. As I began, I noted "aesthetics aside". 

In my opinion. 😇

My favorite listening chair is a three cushion Flex Steel sofa. Just the right amount of comfort - not too firm and not too soft. The back hits just above the top of my shoulders. With a padded ottoman, the center cushion makes a comfy place to listen for extended periods, plus enough room on the sofa to share listening with the wife or a friend.

Sometimes, during late night listening, when I get tired, it's nice to be able to curl up on a comfy sofa and crash for awhile and let the music play on.

I've been shopping lately for a new solo chair..the stressless chairs are ok but way way overpriced for what you get,they seem rather stiff as well...the Herman Miller chair ive had and thought it sucked, it did keep its value though..I like for the money the Barcalounger pedestal chairs..I never noticed a diff in room sound with a high back .

Kids today!  :) 

Mine is a dedicated nearfield studio arrangement.  Happenstance (there are NO coincidences) found a marvelous condition, small-body (5'5" to 5'9") La-Z-Boy recliner at a thrift store for $25.00.  The rear top cushion lands atop my head, assisting the wanted deadening of the back wall, in front of a tall bookshelf.  It being a recliner with limitless range of reclining positions, even with the footrest out, there is little added mass in the sweet spot, between me and the presentation, always a good thing.  (Try removing coffee tables and footstools.)

I often stream deep into the night, and simple adjustments add comfort, best sound and delight.  I chose to add a lumbar cushion that just helps the overall ergo aspect and added comfort.  La-Z-Boy does address this also in their many designs. 

A close audio friend owns a Hudson Valley winery and has an amazing, fully designed, dedicated sound-room in the nearby Guest House.  Upon my last visit, he sported two overstuffed love-seats in the listening area that were eating up the sound.  Our solution:    More Peace, Pin