What is the best 2A3 SET Amplifier?

Hello all,
I am searching for the best 2A3 SET Amplifier for my Avantgarde 2.1. Please advice.
I own a pair of Audio Note UK Neiro 2A3 PSE monoblocks and those are, without a doubt, the best amps I have ever heard! Prior to getting these amps, my favorite was the Kondo-made Neiro. The new UK versions better the Kondo product with greater resolution, tonal purity, dynamics, vocal clarity, soundstage width and depth, and no Kondo sugar coating.

The new UK Neiro monoblocks also have more gain than the Kondo Neiro, so there is no immediate need for an active linestage. I feed my Neiros from an Audio Synthesis Passion Ultimate and the combo is great!

The amps come stock with copper foil capacitors and I just upgraded them to the new silver foil versions. Wow! Even more clarity, definition, space, you name it!

If you can afford it, you won't go wrong with these amps!
I agree with Edle that Audio Note makes very good SET amps, but not everyone can afford them. I agree with clueless, unless you know for sure you can live with a 2a3 for all the types of music you listen to, I would buy one of the consonance or bottlehead amp kits over the Audio Note. I also believe there is no 'best' it is all relative to the rest of your system, musical tastes and budget IMHO.
I beg to differ with the assessment of "Made in USA" amps being "poor design, low parts quality". My Moth s45 uses excellant "stock" parts INCLUDING Electra-Print OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS that were designed specifically for this particular amp. Speaking of quality iron, Welborne uses Magnaquest transformers and yet you still feel that equates "low parts quality" - interesting.
Haipo, I second the vote for Audio Note kits, and I'd bet this would sound fantastic with Unos:


Resale is good and it's a hoot to put together. There are also many well-documented upgrade paths with this amp so that you can experiment and push the envelope--all the way to a full silver signal path with silver output transformers! Building and listening to this amp, you might find a new aspect of this hobby to enjoy.