What is the best audiophile speaker for a tiny square room?

I currently have Soundlabs M545 electrostatic speakers in my 9 x 11ft room. They are great speakers particularly for this small room because they are more directional than box speakers and therefore decrease sidewall reflections. However, like other electrostatics, they are hard to drive and require big amps (>200W), which tend to generate a lot of heat. Class Ds don't go well with ES speakers. Are there great easy to drive speakers that would work well in this room without compromising SQ?

Martin logans have a sensitivity of 89db vs my Soundlab's 86db. So I probably need at least 100W? Also there is the question of triode vs pentode, ultra linear....
If you like your speakers get a pair of ZOTL40’s to use as mono blocks. I use one ZOTL40 to power my 86 db efficient Janszen hybrid electrostatics. These amps seem much more powerful than the 40 watts and they sound like they were made for ESL’s. Trust me call Mark at LTA to get pair in for demo.

The other option are small stand mount speakers llike GamuT RS3i which I also have in a second system and sound incredible.