What is the best Beatle Song

What beatle song is your favorite? I will start with "Fixing a hole"
All great songs.I can't believe that when asked this question to Harry Connick jr.his reply was that the Beatles were not music.I don't want to start a anti HCJr campain but who the h--- is he to make that statement.Even Frank loved the Beatles songs and recorded some and that is his idol.I have never listen to anything he ever said or sang again.
TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS - Blew me away at the age of thirteen and I have never been the same since. The sounds were not of my world and made me hunger for knowledge of those wondrous and exotic worlds not yet revealed to me. Thus my entry into the realm of exploration and collection of MUSIC. The only insturment I play is the stereo but with a collection (mostly vinyl) numbering 6,000 plus I can travel and experience so much. It all began with TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS.