what is the best cassette tape maker in your experience?

what is the best cassette tape maker in your experience? 

if you saw my last thread, i said my personal favorites were TDK and Fuji, but what are the best in your experience?

and also, do you think a cheap type 1 cassette tape sounds that much worse than a more expensive type 1?

by cheap i don't necessarily mean quality, just the inexpensive kind you would find in a K-mart or 7-11 back in the day.

some of these names might ring a bell - Tonemaster, Top Crest, Onn, Zenith, Scotch, 3M
I bought many cassettes this year, all of them are still sealed.
My best is this TDK and I think it was the best TDK ever made! 
No I never bought cheap tapes as I plan to keep them and didn't want to lose material.
i got some k-mart brand and tonemaster cassettes off of ebay to try them out. 

havent tried em yet.

if they dont sound good, i dont really care. i got 2 tonemasters and 3 kmarts for 6.00 
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