what is the best cassette tape maker in your experience?

what is the best cassette tape maker in your experience? 

if you saw my last thread, i said my personal favorites were TDK and Fuji, but what are the best in your experience?

and also, do you think a cheap type 1 cassette tape sounds that much worse than a more expensive type 1?

by cheap i don't necessarily mean quality, just the inexpensive kind you would find in a K-mart or 7-11 back in the day.

some of these names might ring a bell - Tonemaster, Top Crest, Onn, Zenith, Scotch, 3M
If you guys are like me and still taping, this company bought all the remaining Maxell XLIIS bulk tape, (on pretty huge pancake reels) and you can order almost any length of tape.  This is one of my favorite tapes and have ordered quite a few and all have been excellent so far.

Back I’m my cassette days I used tdk and maxell. I had two different tandberg cassette decks. In my experience, I always repacked the tapes before using for the first time. Ie fast forward and rewind them once before first use. It made a difference, especially drop outs. Regards.😎