What is the best CD player under $2000 ?

I know this kind of question is asked all the time but I am going to ask it anyway. I have almost finished my system and I am shopping for a CD player.
There are a few Used very nice Arcam FMJ 33 and 36 for sale here on audiogon, I recommend the Arcam FMJ very highly. A very musical enjoyable CDP. The many very positive reviews are spot on.
Rega will be on you list. Here's a look at the Saturn;

The Apollo is well regarded also.
I was at a friends house and heard his new Marantz SA-8001. This is a great sounding unit with good build quailty and looks plus it plays super audio. It also has a discrete output circuit instead of IC based op-amps.
I think it will be my next player plus its under $1000.00.

Cheers and Good Luck !!!
I looked at the Cambridge 840c and read some reviews. Looks promising. The upsampler is the newest generation and it uses dual differential DACs.