What is the best HEAVY METAL speaker?

I know totally blasphemy question here on Audiogon. But you like what you like, right? Anyway, I know most metal music is totally compressed and recorded horrible (aka Metallica) however there is a new age of metal bands out there that are starting to change that (Opeth started with Blackwater Park). So what speakers out there can take the pounding of a double bass drum kit hitting at full throttle and give the roar of metal guitar justice. There has to be a set up that would make Glen Tipton turn his head and say hell ya!

Interesting to hear. as that is one of my favorite albums. I might hit up ebay and do a comparison.

Biggest disappointment of the modern era is Audioslave. Garbage CD, Garbage vinyl, and such a great band :)
If you want to recreate a metal concert in your home, then why not get speakers you would hear at a live show?

Pro audio speakers have completely different design goals than home audio, so they're not going to image particularly well, and they won't be pretty. They won't be close to neutral or flat. But, they will really rock. Do be careful because there's a lot more crappy product in pro audio than in home audio, but many good products are within your budget. I'm guessing you don't need a full line array in your living room :), but for your budget, maybe you should head to your local guitar center and ask to listen to some JBLs SRX (passive) that will sound very familiar to what you hear at a live show. They also have smaller boxes that are less expensive that will have essentially the same voice. Some are active. If you really want that experience, JBL's pro-audio line will be more satisfying to you than their home audio line. And, less expensive. There are also many other brands that could also work (QSC, Electro Voice, etc.)

If this is just one of the things you want your system to do, then the prior responses might be more on target. Though I have a background in pro-audio gear, I'd personally never want to listen to them at home because I prefer classical and acoustic music. But, if you like the sound of a metal concert, notwithstanding the impact on your hearing and your neighbors, it can easily be recreated at home.
Hi Riffer, yeah the bass is good on that album, imo!

I bet. I'm not an Audioslave fan, but I can believe that.