What is the best non-conditioning surge protector

Currently, I have an AudioQuest Niagara 1200 power conditioner with surge protection. I thought I loved it until I decided to unplug my Atoll IN300 from it and plug it into the wall (just so you know, I don’t have an audiophile duplex in the wall). I was expecting the sound to be brighter with a little more coloration. To my surprise, the Atoll sounded so much better than it did connected to the Niagara. I could actually hear my components and how amazing they really are. So next, I decided to unplug my Pontus ii and Hermes from the Niagara, and the sound improved even more. I’ve had the Pontus for a month and liked it (the soundstage is gigantic) but thought the Qutest had more detail and was wondering why I bought the Pontus. Removing all three from the Niagra, I have fallen in love with the sound of the Pontus and my setup. I think the Niagara’s conditioning completely changed the sound of my system resulting in loss of detail. I have a Furman and hooked up the Pontus and Hermes to it and it sounded the same as when they were connected to the socket. I want to protect my setup so my question is, what is the best non-conditioning surge protector on the market?  


@carlsbad I was a huge fan of the P10 for 2-3 years. I just moved to a Shunyata Denali and the sound is night and day better. I loved what the P10 showed me was possible, but the Denali blows it out of the water.