What is the best planar or electrostatic speaker?

Hi All

I just wanted everyone to know that the new Flagship State of the Art BG Radia FS 880 Planar dipole speakers will be arriving soon in my listening room.

My 2 friends who are engineers and speaker builders helped build the prototypes which were the BG Radia LA 800's (in wall design) which were modified as dipoles. The system was tri - amped using the Pass Labs XVR1 Electronic crossover with goldpoint attenuators.

I sold them to make way for the new FS 880 model which looks different than the 800 protos. But does still have a total of 12 Neo 10's mids, 32 Neo 3 tweeters but differs vfrom the protos in that they have 4 woofers per side with the included 1200 watt amps.

Please check out Dr. Sakakini's You Tube video key words:

BG Radia Dipole 800/FS880 prototypes
This is a bogus comparison! Electrostatic and Planar Magnetic loudspeakers are two different kinds of machines, with different sonic signatures.

You have to ask: "what's the best of", in each category separately.
With all due respect it sas an open ended question
It could be answered with regard to either type speaker
The title of your thread is "Whats the best planar or electrostatic speaker" but the content of your question is about new speakers (which are neither stat nor planar) you have coming. Not really clear how one relates to the other?