What is the best power cord for pass labs xa100.5?

I think I need to upgrade the power cord for my pass labs xa 100.5. Probably I'm looking for a bit of a punching power. Any suggestions?
Kahlo..!..try David elrod sign 3..or if you Côme across à second Hand jps aluminata...i think you Will nicely be suprise i am convinced.
I have been using a pair of Virtual Dynamics Master power cables with my XA100.5s from when I bought them. I have tried a few other cables but while a couple of cables better the Masters for top end clarity, none so far can beat the Masters for its mid-range and bass dynamics. Has anyone else tried VD power cables with their Pass amps with similar results?
I prefer the overwhole sound of my Pass Labs X250.5 with the Purist Audio LE 2013 over the XA100.5 with 2 Purist Aqueous powercables which I used for 2 years.
I now use HiDiamond D3 powercord on my Pass XA30.5 and XP-10 pre. Pretty good. :)