What is the best pre-amp DIY kit for beginners?

I would like to experiment with building a pre-amp from a kit. Any ideas on a high quality kit that would be okay for a beginner? The pre-amp would be paired with a set of Wright 2a3's

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Add to that the preamp from Welborne and if you want to do passive (TVC) the Django from DIY Hi Fi Supply (or I think Bent has a kit..same thing)
How about the Transcendent "grounded grid" preamp.This is the circuit that Wyetech labs uses as a base for their Opal pre

Zen by Nelson Pass, a diy project with top notch sound !
I'm working on a Aleph P now.
Go to www.passdiy.com for more detail!
I have had the Bottelhead Foreplay and the DIYhifi TVC (actually I still have it). Both are worthy of consideration. If you go with the TVC take a look at the voltage level of your source and the impedance of your source as it is very important to a successful match. I believe the S&B site has a very good discussion of this.

I do not know how good you are at diy and how fast a learner you are. Do not expect to make your dream pre the first time out. It is just difficult enough to need a little practice. The Bottlehead pre is perfect in this case. It is worth the price just for the education and support you will receive. It has lots of well documented mods to sharpen your diy skills and is a good performer at(and above) its price point. (In fact I think I have one laying around that I will sell you reasonably if you want one. I bid on it at a charity auction. It has all the upgrade options except the new attenuators, new just in the last couple weeks)

Are you familiar with soldering and have an iron? I think the Bottlehead stuff is best for beginners just because of the level of support at their forum. There are always 10 people ready to answer any Q you have. And again, it's unlikely you will make your "dream pre" the first time around.

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