What is the best Preamp+Power Amp for Proac K6 ?


I do have ProacK6 and use with Pass x350.5 and dCS Puccini+Uclock. I am not happy, something missing. Now I just intend to sell dCS and bought already Moon Andromeda RS. What power and pre must use to have best result ? I like very much dynamics, organic sound, something like Sugden, very touching emotions ... Some advice ?
The Ref 210 Bass control is good but not super tight-fisted. I have heard the Ref250s are much, much better.

If you are looking for midrange magic with bass control, you may wish to try Gryphon Audio, which is pure Class A and exceedingly powerful. Is that available where you are?

Oh...and there is also Karan...extremely powerful, and also Class A. I have never heard it myself, but have good things about it.
Check out the EAR 868 preamp and the 890 amp.
EAR and Proac are a fantastic combination.
Gryphon Audio have on my location but is up for my budget. I find here MSB 202 for sell, some people said that MSB can be matching with my new souce Andromeda and K6 speaker

Thanks for all your reply
Czapp do you listen yourself EAR with Proac K6 ? What is the sound ? is for sell here 868 too