what is the best sounding speakers for under 5000.

looking to replace psb stratus golds. which floor standing speakers would you recommend that would be an impovement for a listener of classic rock. using vincent 236 integrated with jolida 100 cd player. best for under 5000.
Consider the Focal 826W or 836W. Your current gear appears to be a good match. Since these are both resolving and forgiving speakers you can enjoy with your current gear. If you decide to upgrade your electronics you will be well rewarded. The decision between the 826W/836W would depend on room size and the ability of the Vincent to control 3 bass drivers on the 836W.
Vapor Audio Cirrus may be one to look into but the build times can be up to 9 months. There are members here that have waited at least 8 months to get a pair and there are others currently waiting up to 9 months right now. They do look like a very nice speaker however with very good reviews. I have been waiting to hear from these members to see if they are worth the long wait times since they have been dissapointed in all the delays. A really good speaker can make you forget about any delays in build times though.
I bet you could buy some 2000-2001 model Klipsch KLF 30's, put in a titanium tweeter from crites, a titanium mid from klipsch, a new cross over from crites, and compete with most anything under 10k.

All this would cost you less then $1500, if not less then $1k.
I've got the Vapor Cirrus and Selah Tempesta on order now so hopefully I will be able to test out both of these before too long. I haven't heard either, but from everything I have read these are two of the best bang for the buck there is. The Tempesta will also be in a stacked baltic birch ply cabinet.