What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?

Price no object.

Brand and Model is adequate.

If you have not listened to it,  please restrain yourself.


I raise this question because there is a maker claiming

to be the best. I am curious if it will garner votes. 

Conclusion out tomorrow!! 

Stay tuned!!!



I guess many people have to consider what they have, or have had, is the best component be it speakers or any other, that's probably why they bought that component. Having listened to at least hundreds of speakers I am now truly happy with mine in my room in my system. They may not be the choice  for many other people. I was looking for a larger stand mount eventually settling on the PMC FACT 3, until I listened to them, no not for me, Dynaudio bookshelf, nice finish, sounded ordinary, I could go on and on but eventually settled on, a small floor stander by Audio Physic, probably because I was up grading an existing pair of Audio Physics. Its what suits you, no best just a lot of very good ones.

..really interested to hear the new Audio Physic speakers with their latest spider-less transducer technology. NEAR won me over long ago just because of this. Glad to see it coming back. Point source with the transparency of panels (without the back wave).

... that's because there is no one best sounding speaker, it's subjective and a matter of taste and system matching.