What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?

Price no object.

Brand and Model is adequate.

If you have not listened to it,  please restrain yourself.


I raise this question because there is a maker claiming

to be the best. I am curious if it will garner votes. 

Conclusion out tomorrow!! 

Stay tuned!!!



Adding my voice to the chorus praising the Dynaudio Heritage Special.

This is, to me, the quintessential real world bookshelf speaker - expensive but not outrageously so, with superlative performance in a timeless package. 

Cabasse - La Sphère 


Only stand mount that can keep up with  giant floorstanders



Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage circa 2004. By some cosmic twist of fate, a pristine pair is now playing beautifully in my home. I can only hope that when I have "moved on" these magnificent musical instruments will somehow find a new, and deserving home. Mille Grazie, to the esteemed Franco.

I have NO FREAKIN’ idea if these speakers are "the best" but they sure sound damn good. In fact, the OP’s question is, at heart, a logical fallacy. "Best?" compared to what. and filtered through ears, taste, systems, and more?

I pity the rampant abolutists who dare to post here. As if they have some sort of handle on "The Truth". All I am saying is let your ears and wallet sort it out for you. Big Swingin’ D’s are to be ignored. That’s what seems clear and obvious from my perspective.


Have a good day.