What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?

Price no object.

Brand and Model is adequate.

If you have not listened to it,  please restrain yourself.


I raise this question because there is a maker claiming

to be the best. I am curious if it will garner votes. 

Conclusion out tomorrow!! 

Stay tuned!!!


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JBL J 216 , look on line, goes great with tube amps , I paid 50 bucks at a antique store, sold all my other speakers . Some were 2 grand and more !


Maxima Amator is a floor-stander.  

Electa Amator 111 is stand mount. 

Is that what you mean?

Have you heard them?




You caught me. I meant to say Minima Amator ll. I very briefly heard them in a poor setting and they still sounded pretty good. I am going to demo some SF floor standers the end of next week, so I’m excited.