What is the best speaker for a small room 10X11

I'm lucky enough to have a dedicated listening room (WAF is not a factor), but I'm wondering if my Dunlavey SC3''s are the right choice... room is 10X11 with 9' ceilings..

I listen to a bit of everything, but most interested in jazz & blues.


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Sean(dT) is right, of course. You have good speakers. Move them around. Listen to them nearfield without any interference or reflections to see if you really need to replace them. I have a problem not just with side wall reflections but ceiling reflections as well.
I have the exact smae room measurements and am using Dynaudio 1.3se. You have to try out speakers but here is what I chose from
Silverline Sr-17
Merlin TSM-m
Revel M20
Eggeleston Isabel
Sonus faber Electa Amator II

The new big ny on the block is the Dynaudio 25, but its pricey.
They key to my room and I imagine yours is speaker positioning and acoustic treatment. You can't have a ful range speaker becasue the bass will be out of control. My biggest tweak ever was to place my spekers on the diagonal. I place my seat near a corner and had the speakers shoot diagonally across the room. Phenomenal!
I also treated the side walls with Echo Buster treatments. I highly recommend you pick up the corner traps from them. Huge difference with slap echos
Have fun!
Try one of the stand mounted Sonus Farbers. They are front ported so can, of course, be placed closer to the wall behind them than rear ported designs. Also, the Spica TC60 may be a good choice.
I'm using SC-III's in a similar sized L-shaped room. They sound very good, but I know I'm not hearing their full potential. I think the recommended placement is at least ten feet between speakers and an equal distance to the listing position, toed-in sharply. Placement on the long-wall is also supposed to be best, but obviously not an option for you.

I had very good results treating the first reflection points at the sides and ceiling with 3x3 acoustic foam tiles. More room treatment is likely to help.

I also put 2x2 brass cones between the plinth and my carpeted floor and got a nice improvement in clarity and focus.

I'm now in the midst of a crossover upgrade. I replaced all the sandcast resistors with Mills wirewounds and next I'm putting in Auricaps in place of the stock Solens.