what is the best sub amp.

i have used a krell kst 100 strapped mono for years running a jbl pro 4719 sub with two 18s in it. i have been very happy with this amp until i watched pearl harbor. the kst started to loose it's control over the sub. i found a crown macro reference and put it on the sub. the crown killed the little krell, and never lost control at all. my main question is would i be better of with this crown or getting a larger krell? thanks alot for everyones thoughts.
Before you make a final decision on which power amp to buy, may I suggest you add a Bryston 7B-ST, or a 4B-ST run in the bridged mode, to your short list? Bryston amps have long been noted as "bass control masters", and both the 7B-ST and 4B-ST (bridged) will have plenty of juice to do justice to any sub on the market.
I hate to admit it (being a so-called audiophile), but the best sub amp I ever used was a QSC MX3000a. 1500 W/ch into 2 ohms. I tried a Krell KSA-150, Crown DC300A, Bryston 4B-NRB, but the QSC took complete control. At about $1000 new it was also a bargain. Find it at your local musician's supply.
i also tried the bryston. i liked it but thought the krell was better. the qsc is a beast.the crown dc 300 is to weak. the macro i have now is 760 in to 8 1150 into 4 and 2500 mono into 4 ohms. i might stay with the crown but i also thought maybe a big boy krell would be nice. thanks guys keep the ideas rolling.
Eagle amps! Kind of difficult to locate one though because most of their owners do not want to part with them,
very high current design with taut bass.