What is the best way to approach improving room acoustics?

I fully get I need to minimize the reflections in my video room, but it is a living room. I have many windows, multiple entrances in and out of the room, cathedral ceilings, and even a large window in a wall to view the TV from the Kitchen. 
It is the only room in the house available to do media, so please, no suggestions to just add a $100K addition to the House. 
I’m thinking of hanging heavy drapes over the windows, lots of rugs and need help with what bass traps and acoustic room treatments actually work?

I did get the Marantz 8805 with Audyssey Platinum room correction software for room tuning. It is a 7.2.4 Dolby atmos system with Rotel amps, all Focal Electra speakers and 2 Canton subwoofers.
it has the chance with help from you experts to be a special video room. The TV is the LG OLED65C8PUA.
Thanks for the recommendations.  

Yes insulated drapes, thicker carpet and upholstered furniture willl work to deaden your very lively room.  I took these steps in our oversized family room with a large slideing glass door and two openings to hall ways and it made a huge difference.  Also going with two powered sub-woofers located apart for more even room loading is highly recommended. 
Buy the book "Premium Home Theater" by Earl Geddes.  It's a very approachable and practical book that will not only give you helpful ideas and solutions but also give you a good foundation in room acoustics in general.  Geddes writes in a way that makes it easy for even a layperson to understand the mechanics and theories behind what makes a room sound good (or bad), and I consider it a must read for anyone even remotely interested in room acoustics.  Best of luck. 
@sonyesman2 You should try Dirac Live room correct and compare with Audyssey. First place the speakers the best you can without correction given the constraints then try the correction.

PS: I do have Audyssey correction from an older Marantz currently.
The size of your room and placement of screen and main speakers - with dimensions from wall,sides and listener would be very helpful to us considering your request.