What is the best way to clean Vinyl?



I hate to perpetuate this stream of consciousness, but gzm mentions doing his last wash with triton X100 in water and then air drying.  I've used and still use water plus isopropyl plus Triton X100 for the past 25-30 years, in my VPI HW17.  It became obvious to me that if you do not do a last rinse in pure distilled water with no additive, the Triton leaves an audible residue on the LP.  Not all info is "good info".  Some is just info.

I’ve been using the Vinyl Vac for 4 years, I just picked up a US machine and a Wewu record spinner, replaced the power supply so it spins much slower. Will be testing it out today/tonight. At least my records have been pre cleaned with the Vinyl Vac. I will still use it for distilled rinse and vacuum drying after Ultrasonic with my tried and true home made cleaning solution. I will make sure I degas the distilled water for 15 minutes before cleaning. I’ve got about 20 Records I’m trying to save, if i get good results I will do my whole collection.

For $500 learn to hand clean, buy some good record cleaning fluid, good brushes and quality microfiber cloths.

Forget cheap ultrasonics, next to useless.

to audio_d,

                  Well I have cleaned my 1st us pressing of Joe Walsh James gang rides again with the Ultrasonic machine I purchased. It was close to un-listenable.  I have cleaned it with my Vinyl Vac i'd say 3 times before. 2 days ago I cleaned it with my Cheap Vevor Ultasonic Machine. 1st clean was for 30 minutes.  It was better with some gunk on the bottom of the bath, 2nd clean for the same time at 90 degrees Fahrenheit it was shocking the difference all the snaps crackles and pops was gone!  I saved one of my favorite albums.  Each time distilled rinse and vac dried. So I would not count that as useless. I have proven results. 52 Year old album brought back from the dead.