What is the better sounding turntable: Project 1XCarbon or the Rega P3 ??

Rega seems to be closing out recent stock of the P3 table which I have seen advertised on "The Music Room" website. The Music Room also is selling new and used Project 1X Carbon tables. 

The newer Project 2X Carbon looks great, but reviews seem  to indicate it is neither as good sounding or built as well as it predecessor.

Need some feedback as to what table: the Rega P3 or the Project 1X Carbon offers better value, and which will work well with different cartridges.

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First there is a differences between turntables . The problem is you can't detach the sound of a given turntable to a particular tonearm as you can't detach the sound of a particular cartridge to the tonnearm its mounted on . 
In other words, its a system .

That being said the tonearm that comes with the Rega is excellent and would not be out of place on a turntable twice the price of the P3 . Now at this price level apart from the excellent Rega tonearm there isn't much difference between the turntable plinths . Both have more or less the same isolation capabilities and their bearings are of comparable quality . 

If your going for the long haul and not upgrading in the future go with Rega . If you visualize yourself latter on upgrading into topnotch turntables go with the least expensive . Im sure the project will be.more then capable of giving you musical satisfaction till you upgrade . All projects at their respective prices are very competitive .

Be happy and just listen to your music and enjoy...stop think which is better,god forbidden you pick the wrong tt....relax ,just enjoy the music....don't worry that the other brand you read sounds better than yours....STOP IT....all your going to do is drive yourself NUTS.
@sunnyjim ,

@limomangus is right.

At this level there’s nowhere enough difference to worry.

Some really good words of advice there.
Certainly worth a screenshot.