What is the Bu-ray plauyer that you are using?

Anything suggestions about blu-ray players, I found some blu-ray players in this article, are you using one of them?

Or directly share yours with me


Count me in with elliottbnewcombjr

Sony here. I spin on the X800 and rip SACDs on a 590.

I own Panasonic, Pioneer and Toshiba.

The Sony is better.


Recently purchased a new Panasonic BDUP 9000, My Oppo BD95 was sounding in need of a major repair.  That said the Panasonic is miles above the Oppo for 2 channel.  It was on special for under $900, it took over a week to think about and purchase it.  He was a 100% ebay vendor.  Very happy with this player-it just won't play SACDs, oh well.

Oppo 970; 93, 103, 203.  The 93 and 193 are in the garage for backup.  I wish I had sprung for the 205. It can now be had for $3,000 plus since Oppo unwisely discontinued their digital business. To anyone that owns the last 3 mentioned, there are a few companies that offer upgrades for those units.