what is the groups opinion on VooDoo vs. Wireworld silver vs. Matthew Bond speaker cable?

What is the forum's opinion on VooDoo vs. Wireworld Silver vs. Matthew Bond speaker cable?


...... I thought for sure the '' usual '' Thread Locusts would be all over this one.  

@rockymtnplantguy - take a look at this link to see what atributes make a difference in good cable design

On First appearance the Voodoo looks to be one of the best of your options, but I see they use a silver/copper alloy

  1. mixing metals, whether alloy or plating leads to time allignment issues that can distort the signal

The other two have some interesting approaches that sound good at first glance, but they lack in some of the basic aspects identified in the link above

I would recommend either Audio Envy ot better still, Zavfino.

Both of these brands use OCC copper, advanced insulation and more affective cables geometries

  • dynamics, noise floor and clarity/details will improve with either of these two brands

Hope that Helps - Steve

OP, I suspect that there is very limited experience for speaker cables from your chosen brands. I know that Voodoo makes great PCs, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to SCs.  Wireworld ic comparisons come up, but don’t recall any SC reviews.  

All.... I appreciate the feedback and have decent experience with cables.  Historically, I've leaned towards Wireworld silver and/or gold cabling but recently have moved my IC's over to their platinum cabling.  I'm looking to upgrade my SC's from a lesser brand (no names mentioned).