What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?

If you really wanted to test the ability of a stereo, what type of music would you choose?


I would imagine something like death metal or the rap music that you hear coming out of cars that have the 60" subwoofers.

Plenty of good suggestions - but here is my question - what design in your equipment should you seek to eliminate all of your issues?

Happy Listening.

Tonality - Human Voice. Male or female, It shouldn't sound tubby, chesty, cupped, or nasal, Emmy Lou Harris Eva Cassidy, Aaron Neville, Mark Knopfler (His voice turns to mud on a lot of systems)

Dynamics - A big symphony, Beethoven's 9th is the first that comes to mind

Detail - Acoustic guitar. Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden. "Beyond The Missouri Sky"

Soundstage - Any well recorded live album, regardless of genre, classical, jazz, rock. Dan Hicks "Where's The Money" on a goodsystem will put you in The Troubador circa 1972. The first time I ever heard Magneplanar Tympani IIIs biamped with Audio Research D-76s and D52s with this album was life changing.