What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?

If you really wanted to test the ability of a stereo, what type of music would you choose?


Been listening to Dark Side of the Moon every time I try out a system for the past 44 years. Good to use the same music whatever it is I think. Plus, I never tire of listening to it. Greatest album of all time! IM(less than humble)O

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Try Shostakovich Symphony No 10 with Andris Nelsens conducting , that will clean your ears out and rattle the crockery !!!

In general I'd say Classical  but more specifically  

Dvorak's  Symphony #5. " From The New World "

and or Beethoven's Piano Concertos .  

Topic follow-up...

Last Sunday, sat Row 3 Center --- at nearby Bowdoin College Concert Band concert...40+ musicians at full roar...band, not an orchestra...no drawn strings involved.  I officially surrender to the futile concept of ever experiencing THAT dynamic in my small studio!  That said, THIS Thursday, I will be meeting two longtime friends who both prefer large horn systems near Boston: 

Steve, in Hudson Valley, NY, spins uber vinyl...mono, two channel plus surround in the beautifully-thought-out, converted dedicated music space of his converted winery Guest house garage.  Jeff, our experienced Host in Massachusetts, has done DIY for decades, and has written audio reviews.  He also spins vinyl into large DIY horns and subwoofers and sports many years of subwoofer expertise.  Along with Steve, this will be my first visit.

Let' see how a well-designed large horn system matches the shuddering, rumbling gut-punch of Sunday's experience?  And yes, Karen Sumner (see above) ..."the sound system's ability to reveal the finer musical details of the performance, the sound of the instruments, the venue, are far more relevant to creating a fulfilling musical experience than analyzing specific sonic qualities."  ...well stated, Karen.  And ya, I did close my eyes as I often do in my little studio.           

...planning to report back       (bold print for old eyes)            More Peace!         Pin