What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?

Not the most expensive, not the best reviewed, not the biggest, but the most FUN.  You know, that ONE that just makes you throw on some more music and keep listening, the one that makes your toes tap, your head bob, your ass move the most.  The one that makes you think to yourself "damn, why doesn't everyone have a pair of these?" Let 'er rip. 
Still have and love:  Dahlquist DQ-10 and Acoustat 2+2.

Wished I hadn't sold:  Infinity Betas and Snell AIII.
ESS AMT monitors were my choice back in the day - paired with an all Phase Linear setup (Bob Carver)  3 amps, pre, time delay, cassette deck, tuner & linear turntable - Boy did my neighbors live me! Kept it all for about 15 years. 
I more or less reverse engineered Dennis Murphy's Philharmonic 2 speakers.  Which was fun in and or itself.  But the listening was just plain, well like music to my ears!
My Magnepan 3.7i simply wonderful sound. Visitors can't believe they are speakers or the sound stage and definition they produce.
A/D/S/ L1530. I wish I could find and afford a mint pair again. Soundstage was magnificent and they had that magic combination of detailed but forgiving. Second place is my Paradigm Studio 60s. Detailed, but so forgiving.