What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?

Name the most romantic songs1.BEAUTIFUL WORDS [ a romantic song https://youtu.be/GfkBL3ChE98
Without a doubt, for me it is John Hiatt's "Have A Little Faith In Me".  Played and danced to that tune on our plywood floors with my future wife just before I flew back home to conclude an overseas romance.  She was worried, but that dance and song provided real comfort to us both.  We had a wonderful 30 year marriage, only interrupted by Alzheimer's Disease.  
Last Night Of The World
- Bruce Cockburn
Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu 

Moments can make the song and the song can make the moment. A beautiful moment and Alzheimer's is cruel.

A few through the years that are fun to remember.

* I'm so proud-The Impressions
* Maybe I'm Amazed-Paul McCartney
* Here's an obscure one: Suavecito-Malo
* Several by Tower of Power-Still a Young Man, All the City Lights
* Keep on Walking-Gino Vanelli
* Always and Forever-Heat Wave
* Skylark-(several versions I like)
* Someone Like You-Van Morrison

and one that probably shouldn't be romantic, Billy Paul's version of Me and Mrs. Jones.

We could all go on forever but at least for me, it would be remembering moments framed by a song...or an album. For my wife and I it is Coltrane-Hartman.
“At This Moment” Billy Vera and the Beaters. Also covered by Michael Bublé. “If you stay I would gsubtract 20 years of my life.” Hauntingly beautiful in every way.