What is the one piece of advice you would give about attending AXPONA?

Greetings all - For those of you that have been, what is the one piece of advice you would give to someone attending it for the first time, or to any audio show for the first time? 

Planning to to attend all three days. Riding the elevator to the top floor and taking the stairs down, is one thing I’ve read, and of course it makes perfect sense. What else? Thanks in advance for your responses. 
Pull out the Rolex, comb your hair and wear a sports jacket - that way dealers and exhibitors will give you the time of day.

@testpilot - if I only have two out of three of those things, what will that get me?

@kcpellethead, based on your user name, you could always purchase a toupee for the weekend :-)  Enjoy the show!
You can cover the floors faster if you wear a climbing harness, bring a rope and starting at the top rappel down each floor. ;)

If you have any hearing sensitivities, keep earplugs handy.
I was a newbie at last Oct's RMAF and sat way too long the first
day listening to music played louder than my ears seem to handle.
Consequently my day two and three were not much fun as I my ears
needed time off.