What is the proper loudness for listening?

Paul McGowan via YouTube claims that each room, system and recording has a specific sound level at which music sounds most "real"

I've noticed this myself listening to my 3 different systems set up in differing rooms. Thought I was crazy to think so but I guess maybe I'm not?

Also, have notice in smaller listening rooms that lower maximum volume levels sound more real.  Going too high on volume in a small room just overloads it and results in distortion

Any comments?


My system seems to b able to play most jazz louder than rock, likely because it's recorded with less distortion.

In my listening room my speakers are 9 feet apart 3 feet off the wall and my listening position is 11 feet away from the speakers I have no side wall issues and vaulted ceiling  I have a very powerful D class amp 500watts@8ohm 650@4ohms and 1,200 watts@1ohm  I typically listen to music around 75db with peaks in the mid 80's  My amp really makes the inner detail and dynamics come alive compared to my tube amp  I'm afraid if I played any louder my neighbours would be on my porch with torches 

I have an Anthem STR Integrated amp and an Anthem STR power amp two speaker sets.  The Preamp preset volume by the factory is -35 on the "Volume knob".   Most often that setting is almost always good unless I am really jamming.   I do not have a Db meter.  The power and the ohm load and the speaker cone area give a good amount of presence. The SNR is very clean, likely class A.  I often listen to UHD or HD source or very good LP quality such as Miles Davis.   I tend to avoid low fidelity recordings, (most recordings).  Compression and noisy LP's have come to bother me so much that I limit my listening to such at below normal sound levels, if at all.  My 4 ohm Legacy 20/20 Focus speakers will put out the sound,but need 3 or 4 hundred watts.  My turntable must have higher end cart & stylus or the sound must be low volume.  Trash in, = trash out, the decibel level is not really the issue with me.

’Round here, depends where you are in it....at my desk, 70~75 is topping out a small ss amp, and loud enough in an 8h x 8d x 20w, doomed to the center cross-wise, ultra nearfield....50~60 good ’nuff.

Approaching a major physical space reconfig, so the main is down for a count....🙁

Major upheavals with good intents pending, but hope an improvement will fit into the mix.

Annd, there’s always the phones... ;)

I've noticed an unexpected but delightful increase in 'perceived dB' within a simple 4ch 'surround' with the Walsh.....something to improve on in the next 'condition'. *S*