What is the proper loudness for listening?

Paul McGowan via YouTube claims that each room, system and recording has a specific sound level at which music sounds most "real"

I've noticed this myself listening to my 3 different systems set up in differing rooms. Thought I was crazy to think so but I guess maybe I'm not?

Also, have notice in smaller listening rooms that lower maximum volume levels sound more real.  Going too high on volume in a small room just overloads it and results in distortion

Any comments?


Since moving to an apartment I’m restricted to 80 dB.  I do not enjoy rock and blues as mush as when I played at 90 dB. However here’s the question .  Are we measuring dB as A or C rated values?  

How about you all put away the SPL meters and turn the music volume up or down to the point you enjoy the listening experience.

If the level you enjoy listening at bothers someone else, put on earphones.

I made and setup my system to sound very good at low levels. About once a week my wife will spend a day with one of her friends, and that is the day I will turn it up a bit. Not deafening, but a fairly healthy volume. 

Those of you who constantly listen to levels 85 db and higher and have a spouse, either she's deaf, or doesn't care. Lol

Better ask to my wife, she will convince you that all you need is a 1 watts amp