What is the quality and performance level of Fluance turntables??

My U-Turn Orbit turntable crapped out on me again, that is the motor does work and also hums  at higher volume when it did work, 

Considering  one the "Fluance "tables  Need some feedback if possible about their quality and performance

Thank you.



Put in your best offer on this

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As mentioned, you get what you pay for.

Other than novelty, sub $1000 entry tables are a waste of money, IMO. I’d up my digital setup before playing with a turntable.

Call the company, and get a new motor

@sunnyjim , in answer to your question, so far I've found the Fluance RT85 table to be of good quality and it performs very well. I mean over 1,000  5-star Amazon ratings must mean something. That said, don't let yourself be deterred by the low price. 

Also, not that specs tell the whole story, but I compared things like wow & flutter and SNR numbers to other more well known and accepted TT brands - like ProJect and Rega. The RT85's acrylic platter is standard versus an upgrade for Pro-Ject. FWIW I had a Pro-Ject in for a trial, and sent it back.

If you look at the basic features and build quality it is a good base to build from. I immediately replaced the Ortofon 2m Blue with an Audio-Technica VM750SH and this thing sounds excellent! Could stand to be a tad warmer, so I've been considering a Nagaoka 200. But overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

I've had it about a year, and can't speak to how it'll stand up over time ... since I generally only listen to vinyl on Sundays. But so far, so good. Hope this helps.


Happy Listening! 


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There’s nothing wrong with the Fluance. Comes with a nice cartridge and is reliable. I like the removable headshell.

My Denon DP 47 F was $10......Luxamn PD 272 $15......Pioneer PL 535 $20.....Yamaha YP 450 $10.

You can get out there and look around this Fall and might get lucky for very little money and buy a nice cartridge with the extra money.