What is the quality and performance level of Fluance turntables??

My U-Turn Orbit turntable crapped out on me again, that is the motor does work and also hums  at higher volume when it did work, 

Considering  one the "Fluance "tables  Need some feedback if possible about their quality and performance

Thank you.



Thank you to the members who responded. I was going to  consider the Fluance model that is 349.00, or possibly 399.00, but the analog planet review has tempted me to consider the model RT-85 which is 499.00. I don't have a lot of vinyl but cherish was I have and play them on a quality table





I bought a Fluance RT-85 Turntable around 2018 or 2019 after reading good reviews online and watching a Steve Guttenberg video. I was putting together a budget system for a 4th listening room in my house, I didn’t want to put a huge dent in my wallet.


I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality build and the sonic output with the Ortofon 2m Blue Cartridge that CAME WITH the turntable at a price right at $500 USD. I hooked it up with a Sutherland KC Vibe MK2 phono preamp to a Reisong A-10 EL34 tube amp I picked up new for less than $325 (shipping price included) that I also bought based on a Steve Guttenberg review, and connected a set Polk Audio Model 10’s I bought new back in 1987 along with a set of Klipsch Heresy from 1985 and a pair of Klipsch KG 1.5’s I bought new back in the early 2000’s. All of the speakers sounded fantastic -- each with their own sonic signatures. I settled on the Heresy’s for right now and have not looked back.


If you are looking for a budget-minded turntable for a secondary system, in my humble opinion you can not go wrong with the Fluance RT-85. Even if it is going to be your primary turntable, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Are there turntables out there that will out-perform the Fluance RT-85 in all aspects...sure, just like every other audio component we could discuss. But will you pay double, triple, or several additonal "zeroes" in the final price tag to achieve these benchmarks? Yep, absolutely.


Bottom line, for the money, I don’t think you would use all the fingers on one hand to count up the turntables for $500 that will outperform the Fluance RT-85. Again, everything I stated in this post is my humble opinion, and like a certain body part, we all have opinions and some of them smell worse than others. I hope this info helps you make a decision.


Happy listening and enjoy a clean groove.




Nearly all TT's are capable of replaying a LP to a level it is able to be enjoyed.

It does not matter the age or cost of the TT.

I have Aurex SR 520 Models bought in at low monies as a donor for upcoming modification projects.

I own other Vintage TT equipment from the same era, that costs through certain sales sites a 100 x more than I bagged the SR Models for.

The SR as a standard model with no TLC given, is totally capable as a Standalone TT, to the point it would need to be A/B compared to other better fettled TT's to speedily differentiate the qualities is is not demonstrating. 

Here is the conundrum, I can take a selection of owned Vinyl LP's that are extremely poor production, which will make any TT, of any value present in a manner that is unwanted, unattractive and not wanted to be maintained.

@sunnyjim stated " I don't have a lot of vinyl but cherish was I have and play them on a quality table "

To keep this experience ongoing will not prove difficult to put in place, not blowing the budget on the TT, will certainly leave funds to Grow the Vinyl Collection.   

'As a tip', Amazon has a great returns policy, when a Vinyl LP is purchased, if it is seemingly of poor quality, have it exchanged. I have done this up to three times on One Album purchased and ended up with a very impressive quality LP.

If you keep your eye on Warehouse at the time of the returns, the chances are the reduced priced Album being seen is your very own returned Album. Moral of the story Avoid the Bargain Offers in Warehouse.