What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.

I was flipping through the accessory pages at the Cable Company and came up with this https://www.thecableco.com/hallograph.html You have to be kidding me. Of all the dumb, idiotic, profoundly stupid things I have ever seen. The marketing is even better! Have you seen anything worse! It is up to us to uncover these things for what they are, SCAMS.

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« Dont make words  swimming like dead  butterflies in a puddle of bile»-Groucho Marx
I fell for the Walker Audio Talisman mainly because I read stellar review from what I thought were reputable sites like 6moons, Positive Feedback, Dagogo, etc  At least for me, it does absolutely nothing. It doesn’t even eliminate static.  Oh well live and learn. At least I could return it. 

Fortunately for posterity, Groucho made more sense and was anyway funnier than the above posts.